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Sex, the erotic and fantasy

Anything can be eroticised and can form the basis of fantasy - the unique faculty of human beings - to bring the imaginal into the material and everyday world. Perhaps those who cannot fantasise are in the greatest trouble.

The contradiction of the living world

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24 Jun 2010 - 16:09

Am I Okay - Are You Okay?

I cannot recall any topic that has aroused such passions within PCSR as the Middle East, by which I mean the Israel-Palestine question and the whole September 11 aftermath. It is as though the issues involved capture the entire complexity of where the political meets the psychological and the ethical. At least two PCSR groups are actively engaged in the debate: the Politics group and the post-September 11 ("not the Mummy") group. A reason for writing about this is that I have found myself somewhat isolated and at times unpopular for taking what seems a pro-Israel stance.